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The mission of Leonard Pharmacy is to provide High-Quality Prescriptions, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and related medical supplies and services to the community of Leonard, Texas and surrounding areas in North Texas. 

Our Pharmacy Technicians

Our friendly Pharmacy Technicians are ready to help you in person or over the telephone.

Our respect for patient rights is reflected in the caring and professional manner in which we deliver our prescriptions, medical equipment and services. The Primary Goal at Leonard Pharmacy is the satisfaction of our internal and external customers, and we are constantly seeking opportunities for improvement. We are committed to maintaining a level of financial performance which will ensure the continued vitality of Leonard Pharmacy.

Friendly service on the Leonard square for over 40 years

Gaulden Drugs, 1940s.

On September 1, 1902, Ellis Giles opened Giles Drug Store on the north side of the Leonard Square.  Joe Gaulden purchased the store from Giles in 1948, moving it to the north corner in September of 1958.  Gaulden operated Gaulden Drug until August 26, 1969, when Ben D. Steen of Dallas brought Eugene Kegans to Leonard in September of 1969 as a pharmacy/partner/manager.

Leonard Pharmacy

In 1971, Kegans and Steen changed the name from Gaulden Drug to Leonard Pharmacy.

Gaulden’s original store

Eugene and Becky Kegans became full owners of Leonard Pharmacy on February 10, 1973.  They remodeled the store, increasing the square footage from 2500 to 5000 sq. feet in July of 1977.  The latest interior remodeling was complete in August of 2003.


H. Eugene Kegans, RPh and Kacey Lane Kegans Blackerby, PharmD

H. Eugene Kegans, RPh and Kacey Lane Kegans Blackerby, PharmD

H. Eugene Kegans, RPh

Eugene Kegans is a 1968 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.  Following graduation from UT, Eugene was employed by Ben Steen at Spring Creek Pharmacy in Dallas.  He was called to active duty in 1969 and served in the Army.  Upon completion of his duty, Eugene returned to Steen’s Spring Creek Pharmacy.  When Steen purchased Gaulden Drug in 1969, Eugene moved to Leonard with his wife, Becky.  The Kegans purchased Leonard Pharmacy from Steen in 1973.

Kacey Lane Kegans Blackerby, PharmD

Kacey Blackerby is a 1999 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy and the University of Texas  Health Science Center at San Antonio with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Following her graduation, she completed a one-year Pharmacy Practice Residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.  Upon completion of the residency, Kacey was employed as a pharmacist for Parkland Hospital in Dallas for six years.  While at UAB, and Parkland Hospitals, Kacey worked in Coumadin clinic monitoring patient’s blood levels.

Otis L. Derbonne, PharmD

Otis Derbonne is a 1962 graduate of the University of Louisiana-Monroe College of Pharmacy.  Following graduation, Otis worked for the Upjohn Company as a Medical Service Representative and in middle management for 24 years.  He received his Doctor of Pharmacy in 1987.  Otis then worked for Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas Campus) for 14 years as a clinical pharmacist and manager.

Leonard Pharmacy Interior

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